Early April: around the house

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The new break through at Chatham occurred on April Fool's Day. Over the years the barrier beach which locals call the outside beach has changed shape often. The latest iteration is a new break opening a channel from the Atlantic to the part of Nantucket Sound called Stage Harbor Roads. The "old entrance" is silting in so the fishing fleet is uprooted. We will watch the developments. A few pictures of after. None of before. The top image is April 2nd, a stunning day. Second pic is a few days later during a North Easter. 


Continuing with the house work, we built compost bins. We had a ratty looking bin going and decided to upgrade our composting effort. Some pictures of the work in progress. When the old pallets and refuse are carted away the view will improve, especially for our neighbors (their view bottom).


Averisera-Ten Years

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We closed on Averisera ten years ago. It has been a satisfying term of ownership with no end in sight. Our first blog entry was the 24th of March. A few days later, the happy seller is photographed with the happy buyer on closing day.


Trying out the half ounce kite. Boston Harbor, May 2007
Thanks Bob Garber for the picture

Ten years later we await another winter storm, this time on Cape Cod. Averisera was launched and ready for delivery from Stratford, CT to Boston in April of '07. We didn't leave until mid-April due to "The Tax Day Storm." It was a wild ride to Boston. Three days and a lot of stories but not many pictures.

Averisera and her owners are now on Cape Cod awaiting the sailing season of '17.

Cape Cod Winter Scenes

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Some before and after pictures from the past week, the 9th through the 15th of March.  Our usual haunts, Harwich Port Boat Yard, Chatham Light, Round Cove where we launch the Skerry and pleasant Bay near Strong Island where we sail the Skerry. The final picture was taken at the same place as the third, one day later.



Averisera-Winter Snow and Ice

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The engine, Thumper, and the head, Pumper (?), are winterized and there is a teeny heater fan below to circulate air, hopefully keeping moisture at bay. Time for a little more work on the salon table. Winter projects.


Winter Warm and Winter Cold

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We have had some swings in the weather this February. It seems that the middle of the month will be snowy, windy, and "wicked" cold. After a warm days working outdoors around the house, it snowed. What makes it all the more tolerable is the sun. Sunrise and sunset times are spreading apart. A sunny day after snow is very pretty. Maybe invigorating?

We assembled the table saw, moved it outdoors and started making a template for our new main cabin table. Here, Norm tests the template which was close. A few notes about adjustments and we'll soon be dining in comfort.

20170205_124011.jpgElizabeth looking ridiculous in her knitted cap. Making suggestions for adjustments to the new salon table.

Could not see out the window. Snow was frozen onto the screen

Normal Cape Cod snow event. Thankfully, we are not facing the 2015 snow events. We had over 70 inches of snow that winter.

Averisera- Winter Continues

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Yes. Winter will be here for a while. Remarkably, conditions are warmish and snow free. A big storm is due in soon and it is all wind and rain. No shoveling. The earlier snow fall was melted in a few days. For my money, rain is great stuff... compared to snow.

Recently, we moved the boat from her earlier dock space to another. A special feature is that now I can keep the bottom scrubbed on both sides. To do each side, we just slide the boat over a bit and scrub away. The white color bottom paint shows the slime better than any other color. When we get the brown smudge, out comes the brush. Mama would like me to be as attentive to the house!

Thanks to Harwichport Boat Yard for the work they do and all the help they have provided.

Averisera- Engine Wiring Harness

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Late in 2016, we removed the engine, rebuilt it, painted the engine space, reinstalled the engine and though everything was hunky dory. Well, it wasn't The engine didn't start every time so we replaced the started motor. The engine still didn't start every time so we replaced the wiring harness.

Yanmar wiring harnesses are comprised of three parts, the engine section and the key-switch and engine indicator panel section and a midsection of an appropriate length that connects the engine to the panel. We discovered the mid section was burned out.

Pop quiz sailors... can you purchase a mid section? 

You are right, we replaced everything from the diesel to the panel and the panel. It works and looks great.



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It snowed. The boat is OK but I am not going to clean off the deck until high tide. The ramp looks villainous.

Averisera-Starter Motor

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Our original starter motor was a randomly operating device. Seemed to have a "Flat Spot."  After years of putting up with the annoyance, we replaced the starter. Yes. We know. It should have been done last month when the engine was on the bench.

We went over to New Bedford, MA and bought a new one. Son Zachary directed us to Niemiec Marine on Pope Island for the part. They had it on the shelf. For about $400, we got it off their shelf and into our car.

Back at the boat, we had the old one out and the new one in within a half hour. Once we got the right tools in hand the job was simple. The job called for a 14mm socket and 7 inches of extensions between the socket and ratchet. See the bolt-head in the center of the picture? That one and its mate on the other side graced us with easy removal. After a few hours of engine operation, we will tighten the bolts again.

The engine fired right up faster than ever before.

Averisera: Mast Work

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One of the things we forgot was a necessary repair to the shroud to mast connection points. Sunday, Zach, Elizabeth and Norm unstepped the mast. We removed the forestay and one T-ball backing plate. It has a small crack, as do they all. We will replace all in the next week or so. Maybe mast up after that!

Averisera is pictured mast down. Monday, Plan A is to get the five new fittings and make the mast ready for mast up.

A trip to Fairhaven, to see if we can replicate the backing plates is next on the list. Oh boy! A drive off Cape!

Update: We got off-Cape on Tuesday to find the rigging parts we need. First stop was Fairhaven and Rigging Only. They were very helpful but did not have the correct part. Tom did take the time to explain a few things about the backing plates and their installation. It is very helpful to have a pro explain something and confirm what us amateurs think to be true. Rigging Only will make us a new forestay while we're at it. Thanks, Tom. Great doing business with you.

We telephoned a company called Rig Rite in Rhode Island. They do not have a retail store. Too bad since we were nearby and could have picked up the pieces that day. Fortunately I had the part number so I was permitted to place an order. 

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