Norm: FELIX Delivery

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When it rains it pours! In addition to the Hanse 400 delivery, Norm has picked up the delivery of FELIX from New Bedford to St Thomas. There will be a little razzle dazzle since the deliveries are somewhat concurrent. The Gemini will layover somewhere along the way. Maybe Washington, NC which is near sister Patience's home in Apex. 

Some pictures of the Gemini 105mc, FELIX follow.


Norm: Captain's interview

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Norm is looking for ward to the Caribbean and sailing this winter. His former employer, Dave Franzel now of St Thomas Sailing Center, arranged an interview with Martin of Sound Sailing in Norwalk regarding the delivery of their Hanse 400 from Bermuda to St. Thomas. Wow... what a long sentence.

Her is the picture and write up Sound Sailing presented to members. 

Ocean Passage - Caribbean Update

Time to sign on for our Ocean Passage south 2017!  Our Hanse 400 will be Captained by Martinus van Breems from Norwalk to Bermuda.   

Say hello to our 2017 Hanse 400 skipper for the Bermuda to St Thomas leg. We recently interviewed Norm Martin and asked him, "Where are you from?" Norm's reply, "The Atlantic Ocean," made us smile. The answer isn't far off. Norm started cruising as a kid sailing from Cape Cod to the Bahamas and back, eventually settling and sailing in South Florida. Since those days Norm has a dozen long Atlantic passages to his credit plus a couple of Pacific passages. He worked as a skipper in the Caribbean charter and sailing school trade for many years. 

Norm on the Hanse 400 this week.
In addition to the ocean sailing, Norm spent almost twenty years as a Boston Sailing School instructor. He taught every course there, helped maintain the fleet, and was well liked by thousands of students. We think the time his background makes him well suited to meet Sound Sailing's requirements. 
Norm also owns an Aphrodite 101, Averisera, now located on Cape Cod. Norm and his wife, Elizabeth, have cruised and raced that boat extensively in New England waters. As a couple they have built and refurbished several yachts and small boats. 

Norm maintains a blog,

OOD 34: An interesting boat

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Elizabeth and Norm went to look at a Doug Peterson design from the late 1970s. Eighty boats were built by Jeremy Rodgers in England between 1978 and 1981. Beautiful design and execution. Following are some of the snaps we took. Will she replace Averisera? More interior space, faster rating, and headroom.

OOD 34 is shorthand for Offshore One Design 34

Somehow... we forgot to take pictures of the deck which is in good condition.

Averisera-Interior Arrangement

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First, thanks to Kimberly at NV Charts for her helping me order some charts. Averisera is still a paper-chart boat and NV makes nice charts. Now I have a complete Caribbean set. Hmmm...

Recently, I took some pictures of the boat's interior. We haven't much room, as shown. It is OK when we are sailing but tight when we are at rest. Elizabeth made the backrests and pillows. The big issue with a small boat is keeping clutter under control. 

We put our ice box behind the steps in front of the engine access door. The port-side berth is installed for an overnighting grandchild. It happens!
Foew peak is tiny. Room for sail and our personal gear when cruising.

Cape Cod in October

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Sunday, October 1st was a stunning day. We motored out to the beach mooring area and went for a row in the Nutshell Pram. Found our way into Snake River between Stage Island and Morris Island parts of Chatham, MA. Bird watching. Above is the view from the cockpit of the beach.

Cape Cod and Heavy Weather

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Some images from around Chatham and Harwich while Hurricane Jose was churning out in the Atlantic Ocean. Winds wee in the 26 to 30 knot range. Rain wasn't sufficient to start any flooding. Averisera is safely moored in Stage Harbor. Winds from the North make Stage a beautiful place to moor one's boat. It is lively with southerlies.

With Hurricane Jose, so begins the "off season" on the Cape, various weather patterns. Never a dull day. Never a bad day. Invigorating place to live and explore.

Wychmere Harbor, Harwichport, MA is a beautiful harbor opening into Nantucket Sound. It is also a hurricane hole. Notice how calm the surface is during very strong winds. Most boats are on private moorings. Averisera has a winter berth here.

Two views from Chatham Lighthouse parking lot. The rain and fog obscure the outer beach and inlet. 

Stage Harbor from various angles. Boats are tugging at their moorings and appear to be riding safely. 

Ryders Cove off the water leading from Pleasant Bay out to Chatham Inlet is packed with commercial fishing vessels. Another hurricane hole in this area.

Averisera: all shiny and bright

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Following a three day haul out the boat is back on her mooring looking pretty. In addition to fresh bottom paint we washed and coated the topsides with Mirage Sealant from Prism Polish

A year ago, we polished the hull with two applications of Prism and Mirage. This haul out we cleaned the hull carefully with On and Off by Mary Kate Products. The On and Off removes the brown water stains from the hull. After the washing with On and Off, we put on the protective layer of Mirage.

Thanks, Stos, for helping.


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We have been watching the growth on the bottom of the boat increase with unusual speed. Divers have been called but never show up. Scrubbing and scraping hasn't kept up. So, we hauled the boat at Stage Harbor Marine using the Nauset Marine hydraulic trailer. 

Thanks to Elizabeth for putting about four hours the other day to get the worst of the grassy growth off. Scotty of Nauset Marine knows our boat and hauled it very professionally. The guys at Stage Harbor Marine are so helpful. Andy, Drew, and Mel, thanks. 

Mea culpa: this all happened because Norm applied the Vivid paint too thinly in the first place! See entry  The bottom looked pretty but the paint was to thin.

Some pictures of the boat being hauled, cleaned, and painted with the first coat of Micron CSC


Sea squirts grew in places we did not get at with the brush. 

Drew of Stage Harbor Marine used a power sprayer to get the crud off. We can see where the paint was thickly (properly) appled and easily cleaned. We are not making that mistake again!

The first coat of Micron CSC Shark White. It matches our white, grey, red livery. Style points?

Stage Harbor Scenes

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Sailed out of the harbor the other day with just grandson Zephyros aboard. He's a good kid and well on is way to becoming a good sailor. Our plan was to look at the small jib, our #4 and sail around a bit. So, we did. And... with the 9 foot Nutshell pram in tow. 

Stage Harbor entrance is pretty. Beautiful Cape Cod beaches in every direction. Saw some friends. Enjoyed the fun of a beautiful day under sail.

A view of one of the pretty beaches we enjoy. The channel is deep right up to the edge and sometimes we think about landing Averisera there to scrub the bottom.

Running out of the Harbor under mainsail. The "storm jib" is our #4 and it is on deck ready for hoisting.

A beautiful Stuart knockabout sloop seen in the entrance of Stage Harbor. A beautiful day sailor. The Stuart Knockabout is well suited to this area as it is fairly shallow draft.

Rowing the Nutshell is a real pleasure for the young lad. He handles the dinghy well and is not a goof-off. Small boys and rowboats go together pretty well.

Hmmm.... Z coiling down after we made a mooring. 

Skerry, Zeppelin

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Two winters ago Elizabeth and Norm built a Chesapeake Light Craft Skerry and named it Zeppelin. It continues to be the source of much fun sailing Pleasant Bay, exploring Little Sipson Island, and general family activity. This day ended with Z out-rowing a catboat powered by a 3 hp outboard in Round Cove Inlet.


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