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Elia's Estate

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Wow, just noticed nothing about the boat since October.  House, the new boat.  Happily, a crocus has poked up by the front door and we have not shoveled any snow since... umm, three weeks ago, maybe?  Spring and at least one boy's mind turns to sailing.

What's better than one house?  Two houses!  We have had an exciting time renovating Elizabeth's mother's house in Harwich on Cape Cod known affectionately as "Elia's Estate."  It will be ready for seasonal rental soon.

Much better images are on the rental agent's web site.  They were taken by Zachary, grandson to Marilyn and son of Elizabeth.  In no particular order and not the whole renovation, I offer a few from my phone camera.  Nice house, hope it rents and satisfies the renters.  Grandma loves the old place still.


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