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Winter and sailing

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The fine thing about winter is the time one has for planning.  There is the Pursuit Racing Circuit, the Short-Handed Racing Circuit, the retire and motor away circuit.  Did I say, "motor away?"  Sure!  How about a small power yacht with good fuel consumption for a couple years of cruising?  

Our family calendar is filling up with dreams.  And... Norm is doing another course teaching the Captain's Course at BSC for Atlantic Captain's Academy.  Is a captain who makes captains a commodore?

Happy New Year.

Cruiser Blogs

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Tim on Slick has a great list of cruiser blogs.  Go to: and check out some of the cruiser blogs

There is another site I found recently that also has a list that is memorable.  It also links to some other lists through the Woemn and Sailing site and the Interview with a cruiser project site.  Have a look at:

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