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Averisera- Winter Continues

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Yes. Winter will be here for a while. Remarkably, conditions are warmish and snow free. A big storm is due in soon and it is all wind and rain. No shoveling. The earlier snow fall was melted in a few days. For my money, rain is great stuff... compared to snow.

Recently, we moved the boat from her earlier dock space to another. A special feature is that now I can keep the bottom scrubbed on both sides. To do each side, we just slide the boat over a bit and scrub away. The white color bottom paint shows the slime better than any other color. When we get the brown smudge, out comes the brush. Mama would like me to be as attentive to the house!

Thanks to Harwichport Boat Yard for the work they do and all the help they have provided.

Averisera- Engine Wiring Harness

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Late in 2016, we removed the engine, rebuilt it, painted the engine space, reinstalled the engine and though everything was hunky dory. Well, it wasn't The engine didn't start every time so we replaced the started motor. The engine still didn't start every time so we replaced the wiring harness.

Yanmar wiring harnesses are comprised of three parts, the engine section and the key-switch and engine indicator panel section and a midsection of an appropriate length that connects the engine to the panel. We discovered the mid section was burned out.

Pop quiz sailors... can you purchase a mid section? 

You are right, we replaced everything from the diesel to the panel and the panel. It works and looks great.



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It snowed. The boat is OK but I am not going to clean off the deck until high tide. The ramp looks villainous.

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