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Averisera-Ten Years

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We closed on Averisera ten years ago. It has been a satisfying term of ownership with no end in sight. Our first blog entry was the 24th of March. A few days later, the happy seller is photographed with the happy buyer on closing day.

Trying out the half ounce kite. Boston Harbor, May 2007
Thanks Bob Garber for the picture

Ten years later we await another winter storm, this time on Cape Cod. Averisera was launched and ready for delivery from Stratford, CT to Boston in April of '07. We didn't leave until mid-April due to "The Tax Day Storm." It was a wild ride to Boston. Three days and a lot of stories but not many pictures.

Averisera and her owners are now on Cape Cod awaiting the sailing season of '17.

Cape Cod Winter Scenes

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Some before and after pictures from the past week, the 9th through the 15th of March.  Our usual haunts, Harwich Port Boat Yard, Chatham Light, Round Cove where we launch the Skerry and pleasant Bay near Strong Island where we sail the Skerry. The final picture was taken at the same place as the third, one day later.



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