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Winter Quarters

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One of the things about Fall is the sharpness of the light on a clear day.  Come to think of it, the wind is pretty sharp, too.  

The top image is from a late Spring day.  The wind is strong but the shadows are soft.
Views of the boat from out on the mooring, Elizabeth on the dock, and finally, in our Winter berth at Admiral's Hill Marina.

Soon, we must unload the gear from the boat, clean her carefully, winterize systems and make a winter cover.  Along the way, we make new friends at the marina.  

Will we make it out to the New year's Day Regatta?
Elizabeth and I packed the boat and headed out for our Fall Cruise.  By the time we got to Nix's Mate it was blowing hard and stone cold.  Nope!  Tacked around and headed home.  With AVERISERA on the mooring at Piers Park, we put our sea bags and cooler in the car and drove to Maine.  All week it blew and was cold, usually wet, too.  

We missed sailing the boat a lot.  We also sense that we are not as spry as we need to be in cold weather.  Bird watching, dinners out, walks in the woods, and a visit to the Maine Maritime Museum were worthwhile alternatives.

Nubble Light.JPG
Seas crashing on the shore at Nubble Light.  We saw a few sailing yachts going with the wind but none going the other way.

Nubble Lighthouse.jpg
The flag at Nubble Light House stands out straight, even lifting a bit, to show wind speeds over 20 knots.  Wind direction was ENE.

Elizabeth at Popham6.JPG
Elizabeth watching two Peregrine Falcons hunting the pipers and plovers on the shoreline.  Everybody is somebody's lunch.  Seguin Light House is in the background.  Last Summer we visited the island and light house.  On that day, the sea was placid and the beach colorful with umbrellas and kites.

Norman at Popham.JPG
High Tide Popham.jpg
High water at Popham Beach.  A very high tide due to the New Moon and the strong Easterly.

End of the season at Sebasco Resort.  Nice lunch in the tavern.  A perfect rainy day