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For Sale...!

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We love our boat and really wish we could manage a cruiser with headroom and Averisera.  Just don't think so.  Maybe if we didn't have a big garden and Mama would never allow that.  (Not so certain Norm would either)

So, we are looking for a sailor who has $15,000 for a nicely tricked out Aphrodite 101.  Collected below are some boat pics.  As for equipment.  Cruising stuff and racing stuff.  It all goes!

From our first year, 2007, showing the old Diamond main and 1/2 oz kite which blew out moments later when a squall hit.

We have made Averisera comfy for cruising.  We used to cruise to an away double-handed race, race, and then cruise home.  One year we weathered Hurricane Danny in Fox Island Thorofare in Maine which cancelled the DH 100nm Maine Rocks Race.  We went back a few years later and placed first.

Rebuilt engine going back into place a few years ago.  Thumper runs well.

2Jibs.jpgThe dacrom 102% jib atop the black 102% jib.  Both from Doug Pope in Rockland Maine.  The black sail has battens and is very powerful.  The PHRF committee did not change our rating.

DSC00057.JPGNew mainsail from Doug Pope.  It has only been up a few times as we use the dacron main most often for day sailing.

New canvass is being made now.

Launch day, June 25, 2019

Next question... what to buy?  we looked at a Tartan 37 which mama says is too big.  (you can see where this is going...)  I'd like to have a look at  Sabre 34 especially if it has a keel/centerboard configuration.The Cape is just so shallow and we may get to cruise the Bahamas where the water is thin, too.  Maybe a catamaran?

Staye tuned and send suggestions to me at nhmartin at outlook dot com

First Family Cruise

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Elizabeth, Norm, Alicia, Stos, Zephyros and Marina went for a four day sail aboard a 40 Beneteau sloop and looked around Narragansett Bay.  It rained, we had some tough sleeping nights, and everyone departed with smiles.  Big adventures were later related to aunt and uncle and included, a walk ashore in Bristol, dinghy trip ashore at Prudence Island, anchoring in Potter Cove, a squall, and swimming off the boat in water too deep to touch bottom.

Jamestown, Mackerel Cove, Dutch Harbor, Bristol, Potter Cove, Patience Island, Wickford Cove, Jamestown.  There is plenty more to explore.  NOAA Chart 13221 has the entire area in detail.

The "responsible" parties!  Grandma and Norm

A few pics of the boat and the adventure.

Thanks, Evan, for making the boat ready for us.  
New England Sailing Center was the charterer.  They are fine with short charters and we think that four days, three nights is a perfect amount of time aboard for an entry into cruising.


Sell... or Not?

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Not too long ago, we put an ad for the boat on Sailing Anarchy and Scuttlebutt on line sailing newsletters/forums.  Found one interested party and showed the boat.  Averisera was not for him and we are OK with that.  

In the showing process we had a chance to meet a very nice fellow from NYC who wants a day sailor with minimal accommodations.  It will have to be a bit bigger than Averisera, however.

It was a pretty day on Stage Harbor and a Morris 36 sailed by.  It is a very nice example of a day sailor... pretty, fast, and just the right size.

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