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The Closing

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On the 28th of March, Peter transferred the ownership of the boat to Elizabeth. It was joyous for us and sad for Peter. He seems to have really loved the boat. Later, Elizabeth had a chat with Peter's wife who confirmed this.
Hello and GoodbyePeter poses for a last shot with the Aphrodite, before transfer of ownership
I'm just an ordinary person, middle age, part of the boomer generation, fairly recently divorced after a very long marriage, mom to 3 fab kids, the greatest benefit of which are the entertainment factor.

I am also about to become a boat owner. Now, for many of you, that's just normal, like owning a car, or a canoe, or a remote controlled airplane, or a rocket. Not so for me.

Ordinary things for me are birdwatching, x-country skiing, reading, sewing, hiking, gardening, canning, bread-baking, quilting, knitting, more reading. So you may be wondering, how does a domesticated self-professed geek, find happiness at sea? I am wondering the same thing myself. What could possibly precipitate this headlong love affair with sailing? How come I never noticed the sea beckoning before. I do love the sea, I can't ever bear to be very far away from it. But on it, all the time? I guess it's like golf, you have to just be there.

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