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Another old friend

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Way, way back in 1972, Norm raced in the SORC aboard a 48 ft yawl, ACADIA.  One of the memorable boats in another class was the 60 ft Aage Nielsen sloop, HOUND.  Every once in a while, I would see her again in Maine or the Caribbean.  What a pretty boat.  There she was sitting on a trailer at NEB awaiting winter storage, I suppose.


Seems that sometime around 2012 she got an overhaul and a new underbody.  The original shape featured a full skeg with bustle and a more rakish keel.  At least almost every other similar boat of that era had those elements.  No matter, HOUND looks great.

Friend Evan of New England Sailing and I went to inspect new parts for a charter cat that had run aground hard, been hauled, and now has the parts ready for installation.  No names but it wasn't Evan or anyone he certified.  Anyway, the parts arrived from France: two rudders and shafts, two keels, and some miscellaneous gear.  The boat is at New England Boat Works which is a pretty well regarded boat yard.  I guess the cat will get fixed right.

What a mess!

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