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Old pictures

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Years ago:  Alison at 4 and Laura at 8 sailing a Day Sailor out of Wequassett Inn on Pleasant Bay.  Andrew, an infant, was in the baby bucket below decks.  Alison is eyeing me suspiciously though I don't know why.  Her birthday was yesterday as of this writing.  Let's see, I am 45 so she must be 21 now.  (Well, maybe I am not 45... but who's counting?)


1971, Norm at about 21, aboard the schooner So Fong sailing the Leewards.  I think one of the owner's daughters is showing her ear.

So Fong has an interesting history.  In 2005, Norm was skippering Rumor in the Caribbean and met a guy who sailed So Fong out of Viet Nam.  Story here.

She even made it to you Tube!

In my day, So Fong was painted dark blue.  The owner's wife had seen the yacht when she was young and fell in love with the schooner's lines.  The wife loved sailing the old schooner in a brisk Caribbean breeze.


1968 or 69 on Pleasant Bay with no thoughts of the Caribbean or schooners. Norm in his Comet a few years before the So Fong picture.

Grandson Luke swimming off his mom's boat on Long Island Sound, May 16, 2020

More forepeake

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Primer flat white.
Every once in a while, I get to sail with my daughter, Laura.  The first weekend in May marked my first sail in 2020.  Laura captured an image of the event.  Here it is paired with a picture from one of our last sails of 2013 which was on Boston Harbor aboard Averisera

Laura has an O'Day 240 from 1989 she named LARK.  I love the name.  We are sailing off Stamford CT on our way to Westport and Cedar Point YC.  Luke (her son, my grandson) was along, probably hanging out on the foredeck loving the day.  It was so peaceful.

Dad and Laura, aren't they cute!  The boat is our Aphrodite 101, Averisera.  A couple of days later, Laura sent me this picture of her son, Luke, sailing her boat, LARK.  Luke got the boat over on its ear, so to speak, and has a big grin from that.  Boys and boats!


This blog is full of details about our boat.  Laura's boat details can be found in  From there:

Probably an image from an old O'Day brochure.

Brochure drawings.

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