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  1. Edlu, May 10, Larchmont
  2. Block Island Race, May 24 Storm Trysail Club
  3. Double-Handed Regatta, Early June, Stamford YC
  4. June Moon Chase Race, June 28, Constitution YC
  5. Offshore 160, July 11, Newport YC 
  6. Monhegan Race, July 11, Portland YC 
  7. Beringer Bowl, July 16, Boston YC
  8. New England Solo Twin, July 25, Newport YC 
  9. Gulf of Maine Solo Twin, July 25, Rockland YC 
  10. Around The Island Race, July 25, Edgartown YC 
  11. Lobster DH Regatta, August 16, Kittery Point YC 
  12. Single-Handed Regatta, September 6, Kittery Point YC 
  13. Maine Rock Race, September 12, Rockland YC 
  14. Greenport Ocean Race, October 4, Chinese YC and Old Cove YC 
  15. Gearbuster, October 11, Indian Harbor YC 
There are some mutually exclusive events: Monhegan and Offshore 160 as well as the Martha's Vineyard Around the Island Race, the Gulf of Maine Solo Twin and the New England Solo Twin.  Averisera is considering Martha's Vineyard since two other Aphrodite 101s are coming out to play. Three boats make a class!

Could be a busy summer trying to get in the full slate of events.  

I think the links and dates are all good.  Some sites don't have official postings for the race days so I made a best guess. 
This doesn't show up often because folks with Aphrodite's keep them... well, that's my very prejudiced opinion.  Sonic Boom is for sale in Canada.  I would love to see another down this way.  No financial interest.  Just want another Aphrodite to duel with in New England waters.

Meanwhile, Averisera is hauled out in East Boston and under cover.  Elizabeth and Norm are digging in to an OUPV course.  Norm is teaching most of the classes and Elizabeth is taking notes and tests.  I think she's going to ace the final!

Summer plans?  Maybe try to do a majority of the races in the short handed circuit.  A busy boat could get in a dozen such regattas in 2014.  Schedule to follow.

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