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Norm has sent some pictures of Tortola, but he hasn't had the time or energy to write up an entry to the blog. So I'm putting this in as a placeholder for him.

Luxurious accommodations at Nanny Cay.
The main entrance to the condo
The walk to work
Friends Mora and Dan on St. Thomas
And Norm was without a bird book! These guys were very friendly little
beggars. Ruddy Turnstones. I wonder if they were our friends from Cape Ann?
Segue, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey Deck Salon used for teaching
Banana Split, the catamaran used for charters
So what does one do, when the house is cold and empty, while Norm is away all winter, and I have to keep myself occupied? Well, I do lots of things. Symphony practice, and Joe's Sailors meetings, and visiting me mum and my kidlets. But there is nothing so satisfying in winter as sitting all wrapped up in blankets on the couch, watching a football game (go Pats!) and knitting. I have knitted since I was a wee small one. Me mum taught me when I was six, and I still remember clearly sitting on the couch with her, handling the needles for the first time, and knowing that there was magic afoot!

Years later, with sweaters and hats and baby outfits under my belt, Irish knitting, Fair Isle, Scandinavian patterns, double-knitting, Maine knitting, (you name it, I can do it), I still find it soothing and comforting to put together a kit, the colors, a pattern, the needles, the tools, and make a long piece of string into a garment. Still magic!

So I'm knitting a scarf, because somehow, all my hats, gloves and scarfs from last year, have gone missing. Sure, they are somewhere in the house or on the boat. In a bag, in a box, somewhere. But it is already January, and after stealing my dotter-in-law's only scarf at Thanksgiving, I realized I need to atone and make myself a new scarf. So, the Harry Potter configuration, which is remarkably like my old school scarf from grammar school, is just the trick for a nice long warm colorful scarf. And tonight, I've just finished the tassels, and therefore it is officially DONE and ready to wear.

A Winter Break for Norm

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In New England, the typical seasonal break is to go to warmer climes to thaw out, soak up some sun, and enjoy beach- and sea-side activities. Since Norm is working in those very same tourist winter destinations, Nanny Cay to be specific, in the BVI, a break for him is to come north and hunker down inside, play with the fireplace, cook up some soups, and hibernate. This past week, he did just that, flying in on a Thursday night, and leaving the following Tuesday. I had to work most of the time he was here, but he puttered in the kitchen, filled the frig with containers of soup and turnips, toted wood indoors, and shoveled snow during the Monday storm that dropped another 8 inches or so here in Medford.

We also got to go to the New England Boat Show, at the Boston Convention Center, on Sunday, with good friend Tom, who drove down from Portsmouth, to spend the day with us. We got to see the Sabre Spirit in the flesh, which was a boat both Norm and I wanted to see. Beautiful boat. Tom tried to convince us that the J-100 is a better day-sailer, and he may be right. We'll just have to try them both out on the water! Now who do we know who owns one or both of these? Hmmm....

We had hoped to take advantage of the fluffy new snow that fell all day Monday and use our snowshoes, which in Norm's case still had the tags on. They were his Christmas present in 2006. The winter of 2006/2007 was a barren snow season, so Norm never got to try them out. I had to work on that day however, so the earliest we were able to get out was close to 8pm. No tromping around the Fells at that hour. But we do have a soccer field across the street. So we got the gear and set out.
Perfect snow for skiing or snowshoeing
Standing up seems doable
So does falling down! Remember the heel-kick when turning around
Norm is all ready to go
Fun in the sun! Ummm, not quite.. Winter fun at night?? Yes!

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