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Quick update to show installed teak.  Also a thank you to Zachary for hooking up the electrical and testing the lights.  Soon we will have the bow numbers, outboard, and name installed.  Norm is going to make a run to pick up safety gear, anchor rode, and a better cabin vent.  We prefer the solar powered type.  There will be other things but we are pretty close to launch ready.

Zachary also found the parts supplier, Ensign Spars, on line.  This is great for getting the little fiddly-bits.

Norm has been in touch with the fleet commodore and is working through the forum on some technical stuff.

The project is coming together.

Blink 1659

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The Ensign project is moving along.  The name was picked:  BLINK.  Zach painted the hull.  Norm and Elizabeth did the teak.  Next up is installation of the cockpit seats and coaming, the teak.  Zack can cut vinyl letters and will make the name and sail numbers to be put onto the hull.

Meanwhile, Norm is wondering about the headsails.  The boat came with a working jib, really a #4, and a genoa, probably a 150% #1.  We sail on Nantucket sound and prefer a 100% to 105% blade.  Blink is not fitted with a suitable track for sheeting such a sail.  The Ensign Class Association has a forum which describes where the track must be located.  Below is a sketch in blue tape.

The front of the blue tape at the mast partner is the required 7'-6" aft of the forestay fitting.  The thwart ships tape is the 14" offset to the track.  The tape aligned with the black string and tape measure is the 16" track location.

I think that's right?

Another view.  I think a couple of sheet winches on the cabin top will be added.

Averisera  had two 102% headsails from Doug Pope's loft.  We called them light or heavy #3 headsails. The heavy 3 was dacron with a hollow roach.  The light 3 was made of black unobtainium and had a positive roach with battens.  We had no genoa sized sails on Averisera.

We will see what the Ensign Class allows.

So... where did the name come from?  Not really certain.  I know I was working on Averisera one day last year and the yard guys asked, "Hey, Norm, want an Ensign?"  I blinked and it was mine.

Everyone is pretty excited.

Somewhere on the list is the interior.
A decorator's dream?

And smaller smallest, Z's beach pram but I don't have a picture of it.

Anyway.  We are working on the new-to-us-Ensign so work on the skerry and nutshell is on hold.  The nutshell is in the red and grey livery of Averisera.  Maybe a change to the gun smoke blue and white of Blink?

Skerry is still in the rafters as the basement is under construction.  Things once in the basement are now in the garage or shed.  I predict the basement will be reloaded with less than was unloaded!



On Mother's Day, we drove to Marion to see a friend, take a sea side walk, talk boats, and have lunch.  Returning to Harwich we visited the Ensign (as yet unnamed) and were bowled over by the beautiful job son Zachary had done painting the new family sailboat.

Thank you, Zachary!


Next job is to finish oiling the teak, cleaning the winches and waxing the deck.  Then we can go for a sail!

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