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Who would not marry such a cute a couple?
OK, "cute" is a stretch. She's stunning and he holds up his end of the bargain at presentable. On average... "cute."
Our warmest thanks to the many folk who made it all so special.
This was taken by Deni, my brother-in-law. What a great shot!

The cake, crafted by Francois!! Pic taken by Greg Tutunjian.

Sunday 15 March 2009

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It is a nice day but this couple is not going sailing!
They are on their way to church to get married.
It was a wonderful day.


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The Promise of Spring

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Sunday, 8 March, 60+ degrees and sunny. A couple's thoughts turn to their boat.
See the smiling lady? An image from last year at Spring haul out time. On the to-do list for this week! Schedule our Spring haul out. The promise of Spring is here.

New England... wait a day and...
Monday, 9 March, a couple's thoughts turn to their fireplace.
Elizabeth had a business trip to Charlotte. Norman wanted to visit his sister. Road trip! Let's turn a half a day in airplanes into three days in a car.  

Of course, we forgot it was Valentine's Day Weekend.  Hotels were jammed.  The parkways were busy.  A leisurely shore drive through Avalon was interrupted by a winter ocean swimming festival.  Wildwood was having a wrestling event that booked about every room in the area.  Don't buy that slow winter season stuff!

Our Route:  Boston to NYC to the Garden State Parkway South with diversions along the shore roads to Cape May, NJ. Across the Delaware Bay by Cape May/Lewes Ferry, down the Delmarva Peninsula to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel to Virginia Beach and on to Elizabeth City, NC. Finally, a round about drive through the Dismal Swamp to Apex and Patience's house.

Cape May to Lewes Ferry.  A ferry crew recognized the Menemsha Martha's Vineyard sweatshirt.  We had a fun chat and now have this fun photo.  Astern is Cape May where we got in some good bird watching.  Elizabeth found a rare black gull amongst the regular not-rare gulls.  We saw the remains of a century old concrete steamshipship.
Darn Cold Beach

A walk in the woods of the Dismal Swamp.

Ha ha.  We stayed at the Hyland Motor Inn in Cape May Courthouse, NJ.  It is a nice and inexpensive motel in the style of the 1950s and 60s.  We got the last room.  Check the room number.  OK, we really didn't stay in the Ice Room but it makes for a funny picture.The real last room.   
We read some poor reviews on line but found the place acceptable and inexpensive.  It was also the last place on Earth as far as we were concerned.  Dinner, Valentine's Day, at the nearby Bellevue Tavern turned out to be OK.  It was jammed.  We just got a table at 6 PM.  Crazy busy as local couples and families piled into the place for dinner.  No "first dates."

There are so many old farmhouses in this style falling into disrepair.  
Icons of America's rural past.

Icons of America's rural present.  
Fresh fish, bait, barbecue, pig cookers, gasoline, marina services, RV park and LPG station all in one place.

The Moth Class sailboat was developed here by Captain Van Sant.  Elizabeth City was a very nice stop.  Our stay at the Culpepper Inn (B&B) was wonderful.  An extra day was called for.  The area is inviting, worth a return trip.  Our drive on to the Bradicich home in Apex was fast and uneventful.  

The drive home?  17 hours straight through.


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Patience has a horse farm. Sometimes she lets me help. We fixed a fence gate, cut some wood, cleared some paddock. And raided the fridge


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Preparing a family dinner at Jason's home.  Jason, Holly, Michelle, Patience, Tom.  Behind the camera, Norm, Elizabeth and Dean.  Fun in the kitchen.
The "other family" after a day of frostbite racing on Boston Harbor.  This is the fleet and sailors putting boats away after racing and heading into the Riverboat for chili and barbecue and beer and outrageous stories.  

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