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April 14, 2007 and 2019

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On April 14, 2007, Elizabeth and Norm went to Housatonic YC in Stratford, CT and met Averisera in the water for the first time. Moved aboard and sailed away the next day. It was a wild ride and the storm came to be known regionally as the Tax Day Storm.

Today, Averisera sits quietly on her hard-stands in the Queen Anne Yard awaiting the water.... and some varnish, polish, paint, love.  Be still my beating heart!

Road Trip!

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Last couple of weeks we've been to Marblehead, Pelham, Annapolis, Apex and back to Marblehead. All good!  Nice to visit with E's brother Rick, his wife, Darien, mom, Marilyn. 

Marblehead, drop off sextant for repair.
Pelham, visit with family.
Annapolis, visit Chesapeake Light Craft and lose Norm's credit card.
Apex, visit with Norm's sister and her family and friends.
Marblehead, pick up repaired sextant.

CLC Boats in Annapolis. Super tour of the place and we may have picked out our next project, a Jimmie Skiff II

Patience got an enormous SUV with more screens than we own. 

A beautiful view. The barn was designed by our dad.

Trent and Eileen's house next door to sister Patience's home.

Patience and Elizabeth rowed into the pond to investigate some strange doings. It was amusing. Trent and Norm had a cigar on Trent's porch and watched.

My sextant, originally bought by Grandfather Captain White, used by dad Pete Martin and then by me. Now lovingly restored by Ridge White of Robert E White Nautical INstruments in Marblehead.

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