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Plan Ahead?

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Updated March 18, 2012
First off:  one of my favorite pictures compliments of our Boston Sailing Center friend, Mark McGann.  It is a few years old but still a special picture.  Averisera is an Aphrodite 101.

AVERISERA July08 by McGann (2).jpg

What's the plan for 2012?  Do we go out and repeat the Mass Bay Pursuit Challenge?  Maybe finish first and get a battle flag?  The dates and events for 2012 are:

Or, shall we go back to the distance race plan.  The one where Elizabeth and I (Norm's writing) cruise to and from various destinations and race double-handed?  The dates and events are (aproximately):

Not to mention the Wednesday evening series run by Constitution Yacht Club on Boston's Inner Harbor from May 16 through September 12.

More to follow!