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Baby, it's cold outside

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Beautiful blue sky and this time of year means the temp is low... freezing.  The icicle thingy is a maple sap icicle!  I have never before seen one.  Didn't even know it could exist.  We have had some very warm weather recently and there is no snow on the ground.  A cold snap must have forced sap to leak out of branches in a few places and there you have it, a sweet tasting icicle from the maple tree.

Interesting to observe the song birds chipping away at the icicle.  Who knew?  Maple-pop?

On sailing topics:  It is pretty cold so I am not doing too much with the boat.  When the weather breaks, I will get to work on the mast, clean and wax, and wash halyards, check fittings, etc.  This may be the year to rewire the spar to accommodate a masthead tricolor.  Back when we raced a lot, I was loath to add the weight and windage.  I think it is time to make the boat a little more cruiser than racer.

Going through my library of blogs I stopped in to read about Boston sailing friends and see that we almost ran into them in Washington, NC as we were in town at about the same time.  They had a Cape Dory 31, then a Tashiba 40 and now are doing some RVing.  Hope they have the best time.  I have to say that mama and I have had that discussion.


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New jib and spin halyards plus reefing lines from Sensible Yacht Cordage of Jamestown, RI

The shop is run by an energetic fellow, JP, who is from the Czech Republic originally.  The line is imported from there.  The prices, service and specifications are just what needed, so here they are.

Sensible Yacht Cordage

123A Narragansett Ave

Jamestown RI 02835

Ph: (401) 935-7718

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