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took a break from working on the bottom and did some topsides stuff.  Polish with Prism Polish. Super stuff.  Cleans the hull beautifully.  The real trick is to finish it with their product:  Mirage Sealant and Protectant.  Based on last year's experience, we will use at least two coats, maybe more.  Our old gelcoat is fairly porous at this stage, thirty years after construction.  Details to follow.

4june2013 004AveriseraPolish2.JPG
Polish is on.  Next step is to wipe clean again and apply several coats of Mirage finish.

4june2013 006Toys.JPG
Boys and their toys:  truck and boat...

terns nesting 2.JPG
Terns are nesting in the old pier.  It is fun to see them all lift off from their nests, fish, and return to nests.  On the Cape, tern nesting areas are all off limits.  Here in the big city, nesting terns are adjacent to the boat.  Urban sailing has its benefits.
More to follow!

Our berth at the Piers Park mooring field is unavailable for a little while.  So, we have hauled Averisera at the Boston Sailing Center boat yard.  We are wet sanding the bottom and letting the boat dry out a bit before repainting and launching in late June.

Some pictures:

May8-13 001.JPG
Out she comes

Averisera haulout 003.JPG
After a good wash, thanks, Will.  Averisera needed a bath!

May8-13 002.JPG
During the winter, I scrubbed the bottom about once a month.  This is growth of about a month since the last brushing.  Not bad.  The brush can't quite get all of the bottom.  Notice those old fashioned slack bilges.

Averisera haulout 012.JPG
After working away on the underbody for about 15 hours with sanding blocks it is about ready for a coat of anti fouling.  We think Petitte Vivid White will do this season.  Imagine doing the bottom of the tanker in the distance?

I think that the epoxy based anti fouling from Copper Coat is the next big expense.  It requires soda blasting, fairing, and then the coating.  The advantage is, haul to wipe clean and burnish but not to repaint.  Actually, the entire thing can be done in the water, no hauling required.  Ironically, the Copper Coat gallery shows a small Wavelength 24 race boat converted from Vivid White to Copper Coat.  

Averisera haulout 015.JPG

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