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Delivery Prep

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From the log:
[Norm] Preparations for departure on the 14th.
- receive paperwork from USCG to register in MA, MS3337AR
- receive 600'x1/2" nylon, chain, 30'X1/4" Grade 70, and make up to 33lb Bruce
- Norm clothes
- Elizabeth clothes
- PFDs, harnesses, fwg, boots
- tool bag and misc line bag
- charts and navigation
- red lens lights
- spare running lights
- First Aid bag
- cookwear and eating ware (new Revere kettle UPS today)
- we will laugh in a few years, about how inept we are at cruising this boat.
- sleeping bags, blankets and pillows

To do at boat:
Numbers, stowing, rigging, make docklines, buy icebox, alcohol, food, weather, matches, waterproof containers

Sheets, did we need sheets?Sheets, did we need sheets?
Fenders aren't on the list?Fenders aren't on the list?
Well, she's getting new fenders.Well, she's getting new fenders.
Are we ready?Are we ready? I see the kettle, fwg, harnesses, boots, anchor rode, headlamp, toolbag. Wait, where's the anchor?
The anchorDon't forget the anchor.

The Launch

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Peter and his sailing pals are launching the boat on the 13th of April and taking her over to the Houstatonic Boat Club for commissioning. We hope he enjoys his parting adventure of getting Averisera ready for us to sail away.
The launchPoised at the edge of the tidal marsh
The launchHere are the tracks on which Peter and friends moved the boat to the water's edge
The launchThe Aphrodite safely moved at high tide to the Housatonic Boat Club

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