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BHIR Trophies

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AVERISERA picked up second in Division 3 of the Spinnaker Fleet.  Stacey, Tom, Elizabeth, Norman, Gladie, and Mike.  The story of the day was that Tom, our designated driver, didn't drive and coached Elizabeth, who hates driving.  Elizabeth is our navigator.  With no one navigating and Elizabeth driving, we pulled off a second behind the quick S2 7.9, CLUB CAR.

2011OCT12 065.jpg
2011OCT12 064.jpg
Wade Edwards, Norman's boss at BSC, with Elizabeth.  One platter is ours for our 2nd.  The other is the best YC prize won by Constitution YC for the best YC combined score.

2011OCT12 068.jpg
Anchored under the guns of Fort Warren, Georges Island, Boston Harbor.  The crew went ashore and plundered some silverware.  Darn happy the anchor held as the bottom is poor.

Fall 2011 Haul Out Time
Took the boat over the Admiral's Hill Marina for hauling.  The guys were ready right away so Averisera got positioned to be hauled.  The bow numbers are left over from the BHIR.  The numbers are interesting, we finished 25th wit bow number 24.  Similar combinations have occurred before.  Last year, were #13 and finished 13th.  Time to be registrant number 1?

2011OCT12 094a.jpg
2011OCT12 097b.jpg
2011OCT12 099c.jpg
Thanks to weekly scrubbing by Norman and two good cleanings from diver friend, Burton, the boat was very clean under water.  A touch up with paint and a wet sanding only for 2012.

2011OCT12 109d.jpg
Annapolis Boat Show 2011
Elizabeth and Norman went to the Annapolis Boat Show to work the ASA booth and meet a couple of teaching friends from Florida.  It was good to meet Jeff and Jeanne from Toucan Sail.  They do a lot of work training couples to sail together more effectively.  WE stayed at the Scotlaur Inn on Main Street.  Nice.http://


Rogue 3

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October 5th.  Rogue Race 3 was sailed in windy, for us, conditions.  The breeze was around 15 to 20 knots out of the NW.  Boston Harbor was smooth.  It was a clear evening.  Someone on Dei Gratia took this picture of Aja, on which Norm Averisera was sailing.

Picture or a thousand words?