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Cape Cod, December 2015

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Kids under shrinkwrap... aboard Averisera, late December 2015

Went for a walk on the Outer Beach in Truro on Christmas Day.  Surfers were out carving up nice smooth swells.  It was fairly warm and we returned only because it was getting dark.  A couple days later, the Cambridge grands showed up for some fun with us while their parents probably took a nap.  We walked through the woods behind our house to the boat yard where Averisera is stored.  It was interesting to young Zephyros to see the keel.  Now his boat drawings show fin keels.

Balliston Beach.  Once in a while, the Atlantic breaks through and washes over Cape Cod and into Cape Cod Bay.
A nice tube at Balliston Beach in Truro MA.
Fog rolls in off the Atlantic near the high bluffs of Truro, MA.

Apple pie.

Marina and her doll who got new clothes knitted by grandma.

Someone lives aboard?

I could have gotten this a little better composed.  Grandma is stifling a laugh about making sauerkraut.  Marina thought it was fun and will try the food when it has properly fermented.

Later in their visit, Z found some line and a bag of flags which he rigged up in the trees.  Imagination!

House Work Inside and Out

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We decorated the blue spruce as our Christmas Tree.  It looks nice and if/when we get some snow, it will be even prettier.  Inside, we got a little indoor "tree" from the greens sale at church.  And... since work inside the house is perfect at this time of year, we painted the guest room and have added some new furniture.  The idea is to have bunk beds for grand kids and a big bed for their parents.  The job is incomplete as we arrange for new mattresses, bed linens, blah, blah...  We enjoy having guests.  Got the snow blower running by turning on the fuel line.  Learning curves!

2015Dec17 289.jpg
2015Dec17 296.jpg
2015Dec17 297.jpg
2015Dec17 299.jpg
The wall color is Aganthas Green which is one of the "colors" for 2015 though we didn't know that when we selected it.  

Winter Preparations

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Getting ready for winter here.  Last winter was pretty rough going, to say the least.  Cape Cod was uncharacteristically snowy with almost six feet of the white stuff in as many weeks.

Bought snow tires at the end of the snow season.  I bit off the pace, eh, Norm?  This year, we got a snow blower in July.  It doesn't run now so off to the shop.  Bedded down the gardens with seaweed mulch.  Strung some Christmas lights and decorations.  The grounds are in good condition for recommissioning in spring.  And... we have a list of projects.


Our nutshell Pram is at Grandma's house and in position for a repainting inside and out.  If nothing else, it is out of the way and stored safely.  The big boat, Averisera, is still in shrinkwrap and safe.  A new Skerry row and sail boat is on order with Chesapeake Light Craft.  We will get it during January and build it in the basement of 288.  With all that in progress, we are also going to repaint the bedrooms upstairs.  Elizabeth is refinishing a couple of beds so we can accommodate our grandkids in twin beds and maybe have a double for the parents.  Mostly, it is about room for the grands.


CLCBoats: Skerry
We have this idea that the kids might like learning to row and sail in this little number.  Not that we'd object to a little of the same on Pleasant Bay ourselves!

Otherwise, things pretty quiet on Cape Cod.  A recent foggy day in Chatham found the stores all light up for shopping and no one, or, not many folks around.


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