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Averisera: More maintenance

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Hauled out at Stage Harbor Marine. Met some new sailors from the mooring area and we talked boats. 
The tape is off and the red paint is on. What a lot of work. Up and down ladders, moving ladders, sand, wipe clean, brush on paint. The paint will have a couple days to cure before we tape and paint the bottom.

Need a new engine hour meter, toilet rebuild, and some engine room cleaning and fussing.

Averisera: Annual maintenance

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All taped off for a couple coats of red paint. After the red is done and hard, I will do the grey stripe, too. The topsides have been cleaned and polished using Prism Polish. I will apply two coats of the Mirage finish also from the Prism Polish Company.


The boat stored beside Averisera is an O'Day 35 that is now for sale. Looks like a nice boat.

The Yard required that we capture our waste water. I put down this tarp which did catch all the waste water from my bottom washing. The water evaporated leaving the grime and sloughed off paint on the tarp. Worked well. I used 5 gallons of water to clean the bottom. Later, I will sand the bottom and capture the dust, too.

The bottom was pretty clean. Zachary at Harwichport Boat Yard had done a short haul and wash in early May. We raced to Nantucket and did a few day sails. More sailing would have meant an even cleaner bottom.

Last year!

Another new boat in our fleet

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The skerry has a mooring in Pleasant Bay off Jack Knife Beach and we need a beach pram. Thanks to the Newcombs we have one.now and are pretty close to a fully operational fleet.

Maybe just right for Marina?? Name? Colors/Livery?

Averisera in Stage Harbor

Skerry being prepped at home


Z's skiff on Sand Pond

Averisera: Headsails

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We have two 102% jibs, the Heavy 102 and the Light 102.  Yesterday I lay the heavy atop the light and here is the difference. The Light 102 has positive roach supported by battens. The Heavy 102 is a standard hollow roach head sail.

Doug Pope of Rockland, Maine made both sails.

When we bought the boat (ex-Best Revenge) we had 150% and 130% genoas. They proved too big for us in any breeze so we removed the genoa deck tracks and settled on the 102% size. 

Nantucket in the Fog

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After we sailed to Nantucket for the Figawi Race, we stayed for a few days. The PhotoBoat was out and took some nice pictures of Averisera on the first beat. 

Other pictures from Norm's camera follow.


Norm sailed Averisera home on the Tuesday after Memorial Day Monday. Between Saturday evening and Tuesday morning it was thick with fog.  Nantucket is known for that and the island was in all its beauty.  Gardens were in full bloom and the cold damp fog actually enriches the experience.

Things we did:  Whaling Museum (https://nha.org/), walk on the Nantucket Conservation Lands, walk through town up to the old windmill, one night in a B&B ashore, the Le Languedoc Inn (http://languedocbistro.com/), most of our meals at Brotherhood of Thieves (http://www.brotherhoodofthieves.com/), and a walk out to the Brant Point Light.

The first night, we stayed aboard and it was cold. The wind whistled all during night in the rigging while Averisera shook.  Enough of that nonsense, ashore we went. Well worth the money for the room.

Monday, Elizabeth ferried home and Norm stayed aboard. He sailed the boat home the next day. It was a pleasant reach in the fog and about 10-12 knots of wind on the beam. Sailed into the mooring in Stage Harbor, cleaned up and called the launch. A very satisfying sail.

Figawi: The Race

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Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

SW winds about 15 knots and a 2-3 foot chop on Nantucket Sound. Sunny. Cold. Wet.  We started with the heavy 102% dacron jib and two reefs in the main. Rail was in the water so that is about all we could carry. The first beat was uneventful. Then, from the first mark, Can 5, we reached all the way to the finish at Nantucket Harbor Entrance. Outboard lead with light 102% jib and full main. Seven knots consistently. Finished 8th in class, a minute behind Arabesque and a few seconds behind Toujours. The second place boat was a Pearson 39 designed in 1970. Good for them. We finished about 15 minutes behind the winner of our class, a Dickerson 37. It was a good day for boats with long waterlines.

Some nice pictures of our first beat are here--- http://www.photoboatgallery.net/p102574670

Simpatico at her mooring in Nantucket Harbor very near Averisera. The yellow sail cover boat is a 38 footer of modern design. 

The following days were foggy and cold. We had a good time anyway.

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