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How to treat cabin fever...

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Norm is sick and tired of winter. I have to admit, it has been a pretty brutal few weeks here in Boston. We haven't seen much if any wildlife around the backyard. There seems to be a lone squirrel, and 5/6 house sparrows. Until today, when we spotted a Dark-eyed Junco on the back deck at breakfast time.

Norm has also spotted a rare Swede 38, which is in Chichester England. That would be a fun ride back to Boston, eh? and an Ericson 39, which is closer so a candidate for inspection this rainy day.

I'll be chained to my desk today, and thinking about packing up the kitchen for the DIY redo we are starting on Friday.

It Snowed

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10 February 2013: Two feet (60cm) of snow on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday, today, Elizabeth and I trucked off to the boat.  We went out onto a few of the floating docks to have a look around.  Very little snow on the docks.  Too much wind.  The snow is piled up under the cover of our boat.  Seems the wind blew like stink and the cover captured the snow.  The boat is OK but the boat boy is chagrined.  

There is a boat in the marina named, Don't Worry.  She is a pretty Tartan 30 from the early 1970s.  One of Norm's favorite small boat designs still in her original configuration with a tiller and end-boom sheeting.  She has no cover and less snow on deck.  There is just as much snow in the cockpit as there is aboard Averisera, too.