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Failure to Launch?

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Gladie's new digs, in a Dorchester loft building.IMG_1382.JPG Not quite moved in yet...IMG_1384.JPG


Engine repaired

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Before and after pictures of the oil transfer pipes.

Note the clean engine pan liner after the engine had been running for a few hours.

An oily mess under the engine after the pipe started leaking.

It took a couple of weeks to accomplish the repair.  Waiting for parts.  Waiting for time away from work to make the repair.  All done.

It also took a long afternoon of scrubbing the beard of growth off the boat to get her ready for a race.  Next week.  No racing, work at Boston Sailing as a Cruising instructor.

Coolidge Point

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Norm is off doing some captain work, and I had still had one more day of vacation left. So, after food shopping and cleaning out a kitchen cabinet that became a destination for grain moths, I took myself off to a bird-watching venue, in Manchester-by-the-Sea. Coolidge Point is a Trustees of the Reservation site, that is situated between Kettle Cove and Magnolia Beach. The trails access both shores, with restrictions to respect private property, of course, as you meander from Route 127 out to the coastline. Clark Pond is adjacent to the north side of the trail, and had Snowy Egrets, Amercian Blacks, and Mallards, along with a few Double-crested Cormorants. Magnolia Harbor (Gray Beach on the Western End) was busy with about 36 surfing Bonaparte Gulls. A few Ring-billed Gulls were also present, along with the usual Herring and Greater Black-backed Gulls we see.

I turned back on the trail to head to the Ocean Lawn, where I clambered on the rock outcroppings, and watched sailboats heading in and out of Salem, beyond Kettle Island. Whitecaps (and the chill) indicated that the wind was 17-20kts. Although the sun was out, it wasn't warm enough to avoid putting on my sweatshirt.

From the lawn, I saw Eastern Wood Pewees, doing their flycatching pretty successfully. A Turkey Vulture soared overhead, and gulls began returning to their roosts or nests on Kettle Island. Passing Clark Pond again on the way back to the car, I heard a Belted Kingfisher clacketing away, as it dove for fish in the pond. A very pleasant afternoon!
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