May 2011 Archives

This winter we left Averisera in the water.  Each month, I went down to the boat yard and scrubbed the bottom.  That helps a lot.  Finally, the boat makes it to Piers Park and her summer mooring.  Alongside the pontoon, I went to work with the brush again.  Got the bottom pretty clean.  The starting point is shown... a brown smudge from stem to stern.A early spring cleaning 2.jpg
A first sail old main.jpg
My reward was a sail on a blustery day.  The old Diamond mainsail was still rigged.  We had been out for a New Years Day drift and did not remove the sail afterwards.  With a reef in and the small, 77%, headsail off we went, Averisera and me.

Other Spring 2011 images include some calms and some squalls.
BSC calm.jpg
BSC mid may.jpg

New halyards for the jib and spinnaker.  New hatch slider Lexan.  New hatch boards under review.  Still on the list?  Install autopilot.  Wire the voltmeter. And on and on...

We sprung for a new mainsail courtesy of sailmaker Doug Pope in Rockland, Maine.  After checking the fit and finish we went out for a sail.  Very satisfied.

Must go sailing more often.  On our first trip out we "brushed" with a Frers 33 and caught her in short order.  Aside from the satisfaction of being out on the water together on our own boat... Averisera sails better than before.


I can figure out how to put in two reefs but not rotate the image.  Oh well...