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Fun in the Snow

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Norman returned to the Northeast late on Monday evening. On Wednesday, it snowed again. We've really been hit with a lot of precip this year. At least this time I get to share the shoveling!

Then, while there is still daylight, off for a walk in the Fells. Snowshoes are required since the snow is very deep.

Grenada to St Thomas

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Winter weather in the Caribbean. No comparison to New England and snow. During a recent delivery from Grenada to St Thomas it blew over 40 knots for a few days. The Bahia 46 catamaran moved along at 8 plus knots in the flat water behind Grenada. Once in open waters with swells to 2 - 3 meters, we had to slow down to monohull speeds.

Check the gauges!

The view of an appproaching winter squall. Grenada in the background.

St Thomas and the winter weather is over.
January 12-15, 2009
Another 6 inches fell overnight. So after a couple of hours of shoveling around the house again...

Off to shovel off Averisera! Boats don't shovel themselves. Daughter Alicia was pressed into service, mostly to make sure that if I slipped and fell in, someone would notice. More shoveling was required just to get to the floating dock to which Averisera is tied up.She is heavy with snow. The tarps are pressed inward under its weight.It took quite a bit of effort, both from outside and from underneath, to remove all the snow.After dumping all the snow, I replaced some of the tarp tie-downs that had worn themselves through. A couple of grommets had snapped at the back, so the tarp tails needed some work as well. The bilge was dry. Everything looks good.

More Snow!

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So another day of exercise, moving precipitation around. A titmouse seemed entertained by the goings on.
No wind to speak of. The snow just piled up where it fell. It was light and fluffy, like the fake snow you can buy for your model train set scenery.

Here is the driveway looking pretty fresh after the first 6 inches had been shoveled. Who knew we would get another 6 inches by nightfall?
Images from Norman's New Year at Petite Terre, a national park east of Guadeloupe, FWI.  A beautiful place to greet the new year.  Atlantic Ocean ahead and Caribbean Sea astern.

Only two components are missing:  Elizabeth and Averisera.

Sunset 31 December 2008.  The view is toward Guadeloupe in the far distance.  
The lighthouse on Petite Terre catches the early morning sun on 1 January 2009.
I just like this picture.  A dad is teaching his son knots.  This image was taken on the evening of the 30th as dozens of family yachts assembled in the Iles des Saintes harbor in preparation for New Year's Eve.
Families frolicking on the beach at Petite Terre on the 1st.  A beautiful scene and a beautiful beach.

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