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The Skerry, Zephyr, has been in the water for the summer and needs a clean-up.  We put her in  the shop for a coat of varnish inside and out.  We expect to sail it well into the Fall of 2020 as the kids are here more with home schooling.

In a couple days, I will flip the boat over and do the inside varnish.  Boat will look stunning.

I still have Averisera's new pram to build.  It is waiting in the box.

Classic end-of-summer image, rosa ruggosa hips and one last bloom.

Averisera is still out of the water awaiting completion of the thru hull installation and a coat of bottom paint, topsides cleanup and wax.  Maybe we'll have her ready to splash before Columbus Day, or the month before!

Top three images are of taking off the original fitting.  It had to be cut and pounded.  The screw collar was cut off since I could not unscrew it.  Then, I pounded the fitting out of the hull, leaving the remains of the countersink.  We have all flush mount through hull, this being a race boat.

Then I had to grind out a new countersink for the new flush  through hull.  The countersink as too big, so I filled in the excess with FG mat and vinylester resin.  This was donme carefully so the "mold" of the new fitting would not be embedded in the hull.  Once done, I bedded and seated the new through hull with 3M 5200 and a thick okume backing plate.

Next phase is to fair the exterior of the fitting with MarineTex and hook up the plumbing.

In order to turn this:
Into this:
I have to get some of this done:

The toilet discharge through hull assembly needs to be replaced.  I have checked the others which seem to be OK.

Including the flush mount exit fitting.  It is going to be a bit of a challenge.

Fuel tank removed for cleaning and I will paint the space under the berth.

Last time I cleaned the tank was probably ten years ago.

It was pretty nice to get out for a little of this.  Skerry sailing on Pleasant Bay Cape Cod.

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