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Bermuda Oct-Nov 2019

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Norm went to Bermuda by sailboat and it was a hard ride.  Departed Jamestown, RI October 28 after fueling and headed straight for the beautiful island of Bermuda.  First 24 hrs saw us almost 200 nm down the track.  Four hundred and fifty to go. Then the wind shifted and we were beating or close reaching for the next five days.  Got to St Georges, checked in, cleaned up and changed crew.  Departed a few days later on Nov 6.  It took two days of beating to get 250 nm when we sprung a lower shroud and turned back.  Why leave on the 6th?  The forecast did not forecast a stalled front with southerlies.  A couple of squall lines came through that had me thinking "those thoughts."  Too severe even for Averisera and she is a real seagoing boat.  It all started in a nice following breeze and then...  Oh well.  Back in St Georges we set about getting the shroud repaired and Norm repatriated.  Another crew will take the boat South.

Some pics and words:

Norm driving.  It looks so benign but the chop had us pounding hard all day and night for days.  Hand steering helped reduce the frequency of pounding.  In terms of comfort, the delivery was analogous to taking the family sedan on the Baja Race.  Just plain wrong.

No Regrets at rest after Leg One.  She is one tough boat.  Last year, Norm delivered her to Tortola and the sea state was benign so the ride was acceptable.  Good crew, no regrets there!

View from my favorite table at the White Horse Tavern.

Morning clouds

Customs and the waterway is reminiscent of Ego Alley in Annapolis

A poster in the Black Purl yarn shop in Hamilton.  Norm brought home some unique yarns for Elizabeth.  There are two yarn shops and Norm plundered both.

Saphira, an Atlantic 70 from the drawing board of Chris White.  Wow!

A Wauquiez 37 from Newburyport, MA.  A seagoing design.

Our sprung shroud.  Thanks Steve from Ocean Sails who managed the repair.  The problem is not uncommon, the lower shroud begins to unravel at the upper swag.  Norm has read about this in cruiser books, blogs and seen it first hand before this incident.  It seems the upper swag does nit flex enough and hard works the wire eventually breaking one strand after another.  Norm was this at 0800 when coming on deck and turned the boat around.  At only 250 nm from Bermuda, a safe return seemed more likely than a safe arrival in Tortola, 650 nm distant.  Averisera's rigging is inspected carefully for evidence of this problem.  It is hard to spot.

The Bulkhead at Ordinance Island, St Georges.  No Regrets in the right foreground

Duende a 43 sloop from the board of Halsey Herreshoff in 1972.  It now belongs to Simon and Barbara who say they will restore her and live aboard forever.  Not much restoration required, I say.  Beautiful yacht.

Aunt Nea's Inn was once the US Consulate in Bermuda.  It is a beautiful building with inviting grounds and a short walk from the waterfront.  I would like to return.

Cedar Tree room at Aunt Nea's Inn in St Georges, BDA.  Thanks Gina!

A pal of mine did not have a good trip!

My mast did not come down.  Whew.

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