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What's in a name?

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Back when we bought our beautiful boat, Averisera, we thought about a blog to keep the kids up date with where we were and what we were doing.  Lots of technology changes since then but maintaining the blog is inefficient but fun.

If you don't know about the math function, "versed sine curve," or "averisera," look up Maria Agnesi and her finding the formula for the curve, averisera, or the "Witch of Agnesi."  Norm though the boat could be named Witch of Agnesi and Elizabeth agreed so long as we used the original Italian spelling.  Smart woman... good decision.

One suspects the kids still are not certain what we are up to...

In an earlier post we show some pictures of the Rambler 88 or R88, as she is known.  Elizabeth and Norm were aboard the catamaran Felix when we crossed tracks with R88 in Newport RI harbor.  The boat did go to the Caribbean for the Caribbean 600 yacht race and finished first.  Well done!  The Caribbean 600 is an inshore offshore race.  The distance is roughly the same as the Bermuda, Fastnet, or Hobart races.  It is sailed around a course of islands as turning marks.  There are few lighthouses or buoys to mark the egdes so navigation is as critical as sail handling.  The water is warm and the wind is a good 20 plus knots.
February and early March 2015 have been busy times for snow and snow shoveling.  The Cape has maybe forty eight inches of accumulated snowfall.  Boston is up in the 105 inch range.  Recently we went across the Cape Cod Canal and Norm got a couple of pictures of ice in the Canal.  Then Thor strolled into town and stayed a while.  Elizabeth cleared another 12 inches of snow by herself in three separate passes.  We are ready for not-winter.2015-2-CapeCodLife 004.jpg
 Cape Cod Canal Ice, March 2015

2015-2-CapeCodLife 009.jpg
Thor Snow

Elizabeth, up to her waist in Thor snow and all his predecessors, too.  When we moved here we made a rookie mistake and didn't buy a snow blower.  We have a wood chipper, leaf blower, lawn mower and one supposes a snow blower will be arriving soon.  Then we will need a shed to keep the accessories safe under cover.

Maybe it is time to snow shoe out back and explore the winter beauty of the adjacent ten acres of conservation land.

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