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I finished this little capelet or shawl last night while watching the SeaHawks bet the 49'ers. Knitting while watching football is problematic, especially when doing complicated lace patterns. I cannot say how many rows of this shawl I had to undo because of a mistake. But I cannot just sit glued to the TV screen either. I need to keep my hands busy.

I'm very pleased with the result. This is a gift for Patience, Norm's sister, who is always so gracious when we go to NC for a visit. I hope she gets a lot of wear and pleasure out of it.


Stormy Weather

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Not the song or the yacht designed by Olin Stephens but the conditions today on Cape Cod.  It is unusual to have a not-a-North Easter dump so much rain and wind on us.  We drove to Red River Beach to look at Nantucket Sound and the "lee" of Red River itself.2014_Nov24Storm1.JPG
2014_NovStorm2.JPG2014_NovStorm3.JPGThe "lee" of the breakwater and point at the beach.  Red River is full to the brim.  This summer our grandchildren and their related peers spent many hours playing in the shallows and sand bars of the river.  

Below, a couple of quick pictures of the space allocated to the future vegetable garden.

2014_FutureVegGarden1.JPG2014_FutureVegGarden2.JPGA project for the winter is to clear this space for a vegetable garden.  We will dig up the trees, shrubs, and weeds before terracing the ground.  One senses that a stone wall or two and some paths are in the offing.

And a Little Closer, Still

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Picture of the house in Fall.  2014_HarwichHouseNov 002.JPG
Three pictures of the original kitchen take while we were painting the house prior to moving into 288 Main Street.  The cabinets are of good construction, just not our style.
2014june22-HarwichOriginalKitchen.JPG2014_HarwichHouse OldKit12.JPG2014_HarwichHouseOldKit2.JPGThings are getting better every day.  Elizabeth has just finished preparing dinner.  The new counter top is due in in early December.  After that, we will get the dishwasher installed along with a new sink, faucet and water line to the ice maker.  Oh, yeah, finish with the two remaining doors.
Some pictures of the set up for drilling the door-handle bolt holes.  We bought a drill guide from True Value in Dennis and it has made the task much simpler by far.  The holes are properly aligned and positioned.  We wanted to buy a drill press and several used ones were for sale on Craig's List but the owners never returned our calls for inspection/purchase.
Not too much remains to be done.  One door was misplaced and needs a full course of paint and the drawers have to be fitted with new handles and installed.

Almost there!

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During the late Winter and early Spring of 2013, we had the kitchen at the Perfect House in Medford rebuilt.  A picture of the final product:
May 7 2013 011.JPG

Below: The kitchen in the Future Perfect House in Harwich is almost ready.  Last night we moved some supplies up from the basement and into cabinets, had our favorite green sauce dinner with a bottle of wine.
2014_HarwichHouseNov 18dinner.JPG

Almost there.  We used the same colors as in Medford.  The countertop is a plywood board.  The final counter top is yet to be installed and the cabinet doors are painted but not yet ready for installation.  The theme is consistent between Medford and Harwich.

Fall 2014

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Picture of 288 Main Street in its Fall livery.

2014_HarwichHouseNov 001.JPG

Picture of kitchen with new under counter lights installed.  All lights are in place, new counter due next week.  Painting cabinets is in progress.
2014_HarwichHouseNov 003.JPG

The garage paint shop with the Chief of Painting in position.
2014_HarwichHouseNov 008.JPG

Despite the cold, the rose bush is producing more blossoms.
2014_HarwichHouseNov 004.JPG
We should find some room in the paint shop for Nutshell.  Exterior needs a refresh.  Interior needs a complete redo as it got pretty beat up this summer.  The little boat served us well.  I sometimes think about shallow waters around the Cape and rowing sort of go together.  Should use the dinghy more in 2015.


The Kitchen Keeps Getting Better

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A few pictures showing the kitchen before and after painting the cabinets and installing the soffit and crown molding.  In the basement, a new on-demand heater is in place and the old technology water heater and hot water heating system are gone.  Many thanks to Kevin the Plumber, Chris and Tom the builders, and Isaiah and Jake and Tyler the electricians.  These guys are real pros.  They work quickly and clean up afterwards.  There is a picture of a lot of trucks in the yard.  Thankfully, they don't all arrive at the same time.

Elizabeth and Norm are painting the cabinets doors in the garage turned paint shop and basement.  If the weather gets much colder, everything will go to the basement.

Some pictures from the same exercise in Medford look at the blog entries for Feb, Mar and Apr 2013.  This has to be the last time we move and renovate a kitchen.

2014_HarwichHouseNov 011.JPG
2014_HarwichHouseNov 009.JPG
2014_HarwichHouseNov 013.JPG2014_HarwichHouseNov 005.JPG

Kitchen Improvements, 2014

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The new "L" cabinets are in place and we love them.  Last night, cooking in the new layout, still a long way from complete, we really noted how pleased we are with the plan.

2014_HarwichHouse 003.JPG
Some pictures from the starting point.  Boxes positioned to define the space.  Elizabeth working in the kitchen before appliances.

2014june22-Harwich 047.JPG

2014june22-Harwich 018.JPG

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