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Check out the state of the reno at the end of March.  The walls and trim are painted, available furniture is in place and we are setting out some pictures/art for installation.

Finally, we installed the art and made the room very homey.

The bathrooms are in process, too.  The upstairs room is pictured below

The picture is taken of the reflection in the mirror which makes an amusing, distorted image.

In the recent past...

20200321_131039.jpgBenjamin Moore Desert Rose and Atrium White.

On the boat... I like Pettit products in particular though Jamestown Distributors has some good stuff, too. Details to follow.  We are doing house now.

It is not as if we know what we're doing in terms of contemporary taste and fashion.  We thought we'd try these and see what happens.  In a few days, we will have the chandelier in place, table in place and dressed.  Next up is to decide about some of the wall furnishings.

If it is a bust, well, start over.  We have plenty of time.

I'd like to get a set of brass clock, barom, temp/humidity for the boat..., that comes later.

Off topic:  Today we had a nice long walk along Herring River in Chatham and the various Chatham beaches we haunt looking at birds.  It was a nice outing and the others on the trails were very courteous about social distancing during the corona virus era.  Kids have no idea and are bumping into folks, being admonished by their adults.  Oh well.

Assuming we'd left Averisera in the water this winter (it turned out to be mild and might have been a particularly good season for that) where would one sail to to escape the disease?  We can live aboard for two or three weeks without reprovisioning (in a stretch) but where to land reprovision after that?  So, we are on the Cape and things are OK as of this writing.

More later....

We are changing the so-called study into a dining room.  The walls are getting a new color, desert rose and it is very cheery.  The idea is to have a nice size room where we can sling some hash for a dozen folks, give or take.  Pictures from the project.  Boat will wait until the weather warms a bit more.  Today is stunning.  It is also our 11th anniversary.  Is the gift for 11, wall paint?

The Study

Trying out some new colors.  Primed with white first and then the darker, Desert Rose and lighter First Light.  The green is called Nantucket Grey or something similar.  Where do the names come from?

Round One.  We tried a wall of the darker and the other three walls of the lighter.  Decided on all Desert Rose.
There it is
Later we went food shopping for the week.  It was a little busy with all the hoarding around the corona virus scare.  We did get everything we set out for and will have a nice week of meals.

Daughter, Laura, is dealing with her own Corona outbreak.  It appears that a golf outing is underway or being planned, too!

Averisera is high and dry under shrink wrap at the way inshore yard and a fairly high elevation place for this part of the Cape.  With no place to get a mooring this summer, I am planning a long work list.  Some of the work is to simply make her prettier.  Some is to make her faster in light air.  Some of the work is to improve safety items.

Here are some start pictures.  She looks OK and everything works.

But... (there is always a "but" statement) under the covers, she needs attention.  Not so much wiring or plumbing though there may be some of that, it is the peeling paint on the inside of the hull.  Take a look at Ugly!

Some mold and rust showing.  I am going to remove and restore the chainplates (upper light) since we once had them fail while sailing!  Oops.  Ounce of prevention.
The bilge.  Must do something about rusting keel bolt washers, maybe torque the nuts too?

Under the berths, the finish is flaking off the inside surfaces and I am going to fix that.

The holding tank must be refastened.  If I can find a larger one that fits, I will install that.

More of the flaking paint.

The plywood panel needs upgrading, too.  Maybe remove it and paint the surface?

Quarter berth area on both sides is hard to get into and work but I will find a way in with my sander.

Under the sink.

The engine room is getting a facelift and a new electric bilge pump.

On deck, I am thinking about new life lines.  The Amsteel ones look worn.  Maybe stainless wire with Norseman fittings.  The cockpit floor has an engine hatch that leaks a little so I want to fix that.

Compared to endless list of house jobs, the boat is pretty simple and a great break from housework.  Both feature an endless list which I say keeps me young!

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