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I got word that I should probably get some work done around the house before diving into the big boat.  So.  Launched the Skerry and she is on the mooring at Jackknife Beach in Harwich.  Next, fixed up the beach pram so we can get to Skerry more easily.  Uncovered the Nutshel pram so we can... uh... I dunno.  Use it?


I think we are a bit over-boated and should sell off the Aphrodite and the Nutshell.  The package next to the beach pram is a new-yet-to-be-built Eastport Pram from CLC in Annapolis.  It will fit on the foredeck of Averisera if she doesn't sell and will fit on the foredeck of about any other boat we would consider cruising.  Plus, building CLC boats is just too much fun.

I am looking forward to getting back to Averisera.

I remember sailing her once...
From August of last year, I think it was one of the few times I got out and the only time I got out alone.

We have acquaintances, via email, with an Aphrodite 101, ELIXIR, out in the Edmonds/Seattle area.  Megan sent a picture taken by Julia Wiese of the boat showing off a square-head mainsail.

Elixir cyce summer 040120.jpg

Photo credit is Julia Wiese from the Seattle area.
I found some more of her work here:  https://myedmondsnews.com/category/photos/page/6/

 Elixir has a few other upgrades in a new mast with two spreaders.  Something tells me it might be carbon.  Megan keeps a journal of sorts with email and we read about the adventures of Elixir.

Thanks Megan.

Thanks Julia.

Skerry sailing

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July 2nd, Grandson, Z and I washed the Skerry and rigged it on the lawn.  With everything in place, we trailereed over to Long Pond in Harwich and launched.  It was a calm-looking day.  In the top picture, we see the boat sailing.  A few moments later, a gust just blew the boat over.  the kid is too light to counterbalance the wind and oops!

The family on the motor boat pictured went out with me and helped with the recovery.  Gramps is feeling a bit low but the boy just wants to get back aboard.  Too windy today, the 3rd.  Soon, though.

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